International Yoga Day: Try these yoga poses to keep your blood sugar level in control!

New Delhi: If you want to keep a track of your diabetes, then start doing yoga exercise as it will help you keep the blood sugar level in control.

With the rising number of people being diagnosed with the disease, there is one way to keep diabetes under control and that is regular exercise.

Yoga is considered an effective form to control your blood sugar levels.

Here are some yoga poses that will help you keep your diabetes under control:

 This pose helps to oxygenate your blood and also improves circulation by breathing in deeply and breathing out. It also helps to calms down the mind and gives your rattled nerves the much needed rest.
Popularly known as the child’s pose helps in relieving stress and fatigue. This pose also helps in getting rid of the lower back pain.
This simple pose helps to relax the mind and improves digestion as well.

Source:Z News

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